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Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas, concepts, and solutions through imaginative and original thinking. It involves breaking free from conventional thinking and approaching problems in innovative ways. Creativity can manifest in many forms, such as art, music, writing, and design. It is an essential aspect of human expression and has been instrumental in the advancement of society. Cultivating creativity can lead to personal and professional growth, as well as the development of groundbreaking innovations that can shape the world we live in


The Story, So far

Low-cost Imported , 3D printing machines have made this technology more accessible ,but they are not without their limitations and problems. 

1. Limited print quality.

2. Inconsistent results.

3. Limited material options.

4. Limited build volume.

5. Reliability issues.

6. No Training and Aftermarket.

7. No warranty or Maintenance

8. No spares.

Elegant Abstract Background

Somethings had to be fixed!

The thinking cap of our Engineering team was turned on! And we had to make some bold moves!

  1. Cost had to be competitive.

  2.  Reliability to be enforced.

  3. Endurance had to be ensured.

  4. Precision had to be achieved.

  5. Weight had to be minimized.

  6. User experience to be elevated

  7. Maintenance to be assured

  8. Warranty service to be committed.

Citrus Fruits
Black Boxes

Old Wine in a New Bottle

1. The Form factor changed.

2. Build volume was optimized. 

3. Easy setup was introduced

4. No-Gode Printing for Popular models

5. Robust Anti Shock and Sturdy body was built.

6. SOPs were now online on an app.

7. industrial Grade electronics in desktop Environment

8. 1 year Standard Warranty with extendable contract

9. Acessories to upgrade 


The Simple
3D Printer



Simple Parts - to Do
Complex jobs

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