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Repair And Maintance Contract

  • Touch Wood

    Simple First inspection Service
    • Bed leveling checking
    • Hot End Checking
    • Belt tension checking
    • lubrication Check
    • calibration
    • test print
  • Broken machine

    Machine spares are broken or parts have malfunctioned
    • Spares replacement if requried.
    • Firmware updating if required.
    • Custom board replacement if required
    • in addition to touch wood plan
  • Bricked Machine

    Complete machine replacement
    • Over haul of the machine
    • Replacement of all spares with new ones
    • Added to Broken machine plan
    • Added to Touch Wood plan
  • Total Recall

    Complete build a new machine by salvaging your old machine
    • BMG -clone Geared extruder to print advanced plastics- PP
    • Linear guide rails all the Three Axes
    • 64 MHz, 32 bit ARM Cortex- STM32G series super silent board
    • Mild steel Welded Frame powder coated
  • Annual maintenance

    Annual maintenance contract -AMC
    Valid for one year
    • machine warranty for one year
    • Free service and maintenance once in three months
    • 24/7 free wahtss app video call and remote support
    • Free visit one time for inspection at 25 kms range
    • More than 24 hours Stay is on the client side
    • Against physical and electrical damaged parts chargeable
    • Motherboards except fuse blown are not under warranty
    • The machine should be in a place with full surge protection
    • Nozzles ,extruders, bearings etc are not replaced at cost