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AXES 250 – Filament Fabrication Precision Printer

Your machine

Why buy this now

The best possible configuration, machine based on the Prusai3. It is a blend of perfection and Simplicity. It is a multipurpose printer to print both Precession prototypes and Hobby products.

Your Build

What can I print

You can print most of the objects within build volume of 250x250x250 mm cube. Most of the readily available print files can be printed with no hassle.  You can print with PLA,Carbon-PLA and PETG. No heated bed required that saves your power.

You print

How easy is to use

We provide training of one week with required information about 3d printing, related software and machine operating instructions. We will deal with best practices for the best quality and instructions to operate the printer independent of code.

Our Designs are driven by the Prusai3. The most easy and the most simple form factor to use and handle. The differential here is as all the parts are being made in India the cost factor dips down. The complete body is a robust acrylic frame with a damping plat form to absorb vibrations. The mechanical parts are from standard suppliers like KSH bearings etc. Mostly the parts are self lubricating, and comes with an annual maintenance contract.

Using our 3D printers is as simple as using an inkjet 2D printer. We give you the best training in an orientation course for 7 days after you place the order for the printer. The machine is pre-flashed with necessary firmware followed by the machine setting will be supplied for the user to preload in his printer software. So it is like switch on the machine , load the file and start printing.
We guarantee you the best possible precession for your print jobs. Be it industrial or be it hobby. Our machines will try their level best to maintain a tolerance of 10 to 50 microns. So these tolerances can be taken care into your  designs. The tolerances depend upon the materials that are usually printed and we have pre-calibrated the machines as per the desired material. The backlash errors and the Jerk values have been optimized after running test prints for upto 72 hours continously

We can give you the best compatible material for your printer. PLA/CARBON PLA/PETG are the best materials you can print. We have all the colours in the rain bow with special filaments like – Glow in the dark, Glitter,Laywood,Laybronze,Laybrass and many more. Our costing will be best and unbeatable and will be second to none. MOre you buy more would be the rebeat

Want to know more

Call Us

Speak to our technology division to know more about the machine. Ask questions and clear your doubts before you buy our machine. Book a ademo as well with our team and we will be glad to discuss and take it forward. We hope to see you 3D printing Soon

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 35 x 45 x 30 cm


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