Introduction to 3D Printing- What Shall we print with?

An Overview into Materials and their unlimited capability .

Hello Folks ! , hope the micro blogging series is making an effort to help reach the complex technology of 3D Printing in its simplest way! request a share and comment.

So , the question awaiting our readers maybe , On what or rather on which I should go for a 3D Print!. The most normal that comes to every bodies mind, do I have some thing called a 3D paper! on which I should print ?

Desktop -2D -Printing:

Let's take a step back, with our old friend the 2D Printer , aka Desktop Printer. We have a Cartridge or a Toner, maybe black & white or in color. In industrial terms we call it a CONSUMABLE, Simple! the machine consumes it when it works . Now the Consumable should land on a MEDIUM to get what you have desired in mind. That is your PAPER that you have fed for printing.

Desktop Printer with Catridge

Printer catridge Consumables

Desktop -3D -Printing:

Now taking a step ahead, the same technology when done in 3D the consumables and the medium will change. The Cartridges will be replaced by SPOOLS and we will print on a Platform -usually glass , called a Build Platform.

A Spool of PLA

A Spool is a Reel of 3D Printing consumable, which is in the form of a wire of 1.75mm or 2.85 mm dia. So now this opens up a new era into different consumables that are possible in 3D Printing . That takes us to the different technologies available in 3D Printing.

Referring to the, above figure the type of consumable shows is for the most common technology any body can get started - Filament deposition Manufacturing! or popularly known as FDM in short

FDM 3D Printer

An FDM 3D Printer, is a machine which can create parts at your desktop , depositing layer of plastic (-Ref our first blog) in a controlled manner.

FDM 3D printing

So this takes us the next blog- Are there 3D Printers which print other than filaments? what are those technologies and how expensive are those machines!

Keep watching this space......

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