Introduction to 3D Printing - How it All began!

The Big-Bang moment of 3D Printing !

Dear Readers, welcome to yet another quick read about 3D Printing

Every technology has a beginning and and end , of course. There would be a genesis for some thing to start right ! Lets think for a moment, write now I am blogging on a website to reach to people to express my views about my subject of interest. There is a huge amount of, un-imaginable of combination of technologies combined to make me express my thoughts over the world!

Wow! seriously , the number of brilliant people , patents , and the papers that would have been published for making this possible is un-fathomable. This makes me realize every second that , how much left for me to Achieve in life !

The World’s Largest 3D Metal Printer Is Churning Out Rockets

The World’s Largest 3D Metal Printer Is Churning Out Rockets

Wastage we all try to minimize!

Aerospace Suppliers for a brace in jump in Titanium Scrap

Too Difficult to follow right ? Ok let me make it easy for you ,

Metal removal also called as Machining
I am sure everyone would have bought gold, and if you carefully check the pricing structure , there will be price for WASTAGE! Yes , Dear reader for wastage. Similarly titanium is like Gold in the aerospace industries. And why wastage is created ? because the very first time man came to know how to shape parts by removing material.

An Artist shaping a Statue

It boils down to that , the basic three things that are needed to manufacture a product would be a - Workshop known as shop floor, a tool- hammer chisel or a CNC machine and material. What were the problems that arise by following this method
  • Material wastage

  • Material stock and storage

  • Mostly for bulk orders as single piece would be expensive

  • Complex tool design , it is not always a hammer and chisel!

Welcome to the Industrial 4.0 !

Please observe this image carefully!

Courtesy- ISS NASA
An Astronaut in ISS with a 3D Printed tool
What's great About this image ! Yes there is whole new revolution that has happened in this one picture. That gentleman an astronaut with the longest space walk ever, is see in the ISS- international Space Station, but wait! there is a Wrench a tool ! next to him !

Nothing new about a tool in ISS, right , hold your horses! that is a special tool, it was made for a special purpose on the international space station, which was not carried from earth! it was fabricated from their in-house 3D printer in space, in zero gravity. So how was it done! it was done by Adding material to get to the shape, is it something new ?
Potter making a pot
Yes ! you all know what is this , Pottery! Is it possible to make a MUD pot my removing a material? Never because, the shape is made by adding material at the required places to get to the shape , powered by Centrifugal force of the rotating wheel. That means there are processes where in Products are made by ADDING material.

In the next blog , the pinnacle for this Big-bang will be shared in the forth-coming blogs!

So, we have to come know that products are made Subtractively as well as Additively !

Have, you ever thought we Human beings are additively manufactured! Do not trust me ! See your infancy photo vs what you are now , you have been grown by Nature!

So what's your wastage ! Keep thinking.....enjoy the weekend.

See you soon on the next weekend! on the same page keep watching the page and visit our website for more.

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