Introduction to 3D Printing.

Updated: Jul 3

What is the buzz about 3D Printing ??

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WELL Friends ,

We are all aware of what is Printing, right ! of course , the technology of replicating information on a media, or a medium. Transcribing information on to a medium or a media to communicate. The machine that basically converts any text that is typed or hand written, on to a paper is called a PRINTER , the one shown below- A typical printer.

Paper Printer

Some times, we do things out of practice that we wont realize that, if things told in a different way then we start to question ourself that is that the way things work?

Now if I say that all these days you were doing, was 2D-Dimensional Printing then it sounds strange right! That's exactly what we have not realized, that actually we are doing printing only in 2-Dimensions , can be termed in many ways - X and Y axes, length and breadth etc.

That means the machine that is shown in the above figure, converts a set of instructions given by a PC, laptop , or a smartphone to a code that moves a set of mechanical sub-assemblies - nozzles, bearing and belts and creates MAGIC! There you go you have done

2D -Print out.

Lets Fast Forward to 3D- Printing!

3D Printer

Wow! that machine looks no-where related to a Printer ! right. It is 3-Dimensional Printer , So the 2-Dimensional Printer got an extra Dimension. By getting one extra dimension make life complicated ! hahaha.....exactly it makes machine also complicated. The question immediately that comes in the mind would be- What is the 3rd Dimension after-all ??? What is the meaning of printing in a 3rd Dimension?

Welcome to the world of printing in 3-Dimension

So we all know the world around is perceived in 3-Dimensions. Just look around the place you are sitting if its a room, then it has floor, wall and roof - that's 3-D. Now imagine if you see your Photograph versus the same picture being converted to your miniature ! Viola!! You look great when you are 3-D Printed better than a photo which is 2-D printed right!

That's exactly what is 3-D Printing is all about - You add a 3-Dimension and make , an idea , a concept , a model or a product complete. That's all is 3D Printing.

The technology of repeating a 2D -Image, multiple times along the Height in such a way that it will take into a shape and becomes a 3D object , the machine which does this is called a 3D -Printer .

So how do you repeat ? On what does it repeat? and how long it has to repeat ?

Of course the most important question , What is the cost of the repetition?

Keep reading in our next blog !!!!!!!!!!!!

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